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North Devon Driveways formerly known as Dean J A Thomas & Sons is a registered Marshalls approved contractor and this video Marshalls produced in 1990 provides a simple but effective video on how a block paving driveway is layed using techniques that are still used to the present day.

North Devon Driveways formerly known as Dean J A Thomas & Sons was established by Dean Thomas in 2002 and the company specialised in all aspects of the paving process from design through to installation for residential clients in North Devon. Over the years the company had gained an enviable reputation for creating spectacular and functional driveways, patios, paths and walls using a wide range of paving such as block paving, natural stone and slabbing.

Joined by his two sons early on the business has flourished and you can find their work throughout North Devon as you can see from the photos and testimonials displayed on this website. Much of the business of the company comes from word of mouth from satisified customers.

Service and quality has always been the the hallmark of Dean J A Thomas & Sons so when his father died in 2009 his son Jay Thomas has continued the family tradition, building upon what his father had taught him. To this end this website has been developed to provide the opportunity for potential customers to view some of the work he and his father had done from the comfort of their homes. Photos can be viewed, brochures downloaded and unsolicited testiminonials read. The video is above gives an idea as to what is to be expected when laying a driveway.

In 2009 Dean passed away but his son Jay continues the family tradition, building upon the success of his father and expanding the business into other areas too. With a continued eye for professionalism he has expanded his knowledge by having recently obtained significant professional industry recognised qualifications to add to his skills portfolio. As a consequence, North Devon Driveways is now approved to work on public highways.

Everything we do is directed to one purpose only. North Devon Driveways is here to provide you with a trouble-free service based upon an enviable reputation of providing the local community with quality workmanship at competitive prices. Don't be taken in by the cowboys but come to us, a recognised local family business where quality is the key for your driveway, patio, conservatory groundwork or walling requirements.

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Bideford Bideford Milford Mill, Hartland Moreton Park Road, Bideford Bideford